All the content displayed on the Kawoosh! website is pulled from publicly accessible RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and parsed through a feed reader to be legibly displayed and easily accessible to our users. Similarly this accessibility has been applied to the Instagram posts, Twitter feeds as well as the various Youtube playlists. All content links back to the original content creators, and we make no claim to any of the content as our own and acknowledge that the original content creators are the owners of said content.

We do not, under any circumstances use the content displayed here for financial gain or benefit from the website in any other way, nor do we ever intend to use the content for any financial advantage. The purpose of Kawoosh! is first and foremost a genre fan site, to make relevant genre specific content easily accessible and readily available to our users by consolidating information from popular websites into a single portal for entertainment, science fiction, gaming, comic book as well as local event news.

The website, as a news aggregator, was developed in such a way as to have articles, videos and social media feeds that are automatically updated without having to allocate too much developer time to manually update the content, with exception of routine maintenance and cosmetic improvements.

If the content displayed on Kawoosh! in any way infringes on copyrighted content or information from any website who's RSS feeds, Youtube playlists, Instagram posts or Twitter feeds are being accessed here, please feel free to let us know by emailing us at info@kawoosh.co.za.

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